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Calls to Support Local E-Hailing Services

Mvubu & Mothilal

SANTACO officials are calling on the South African government and commuters to support local e-hailing services, namely: Teksi Ride, Shuma and Yo!Taxi.

Speaking at the SANTACO KZN Second Annual Business Summit held at the Durban International Convention Centre, Mr. Sizwe Mvubu, Chairperson for the Metre Taxis within the organisation said it is difficult for them to compete with foreign e-hailing services due to financial constraints. 

“Foreign e-hailing services are subsidised by their governments, hence they have many promotions and specials which we can’t afford. Secondly, we are regulated by our government in terms of the minimum fee we can charge which isn’t the case with the foreign services. The commuters will obviously choose the cheaper options” he said. 

Deputy Chairperson for Metre Taxis in the eThekwini Metro, Mr. Vijay Mothilal echoed the same sentiments.

Watch the full interview below: 

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